According to the definition: “cigarette is a roll of fine shredded tobacco, wrapped in paper that is possible to be smoked like this”. For the difference of other products the cigarette isn’t consumed in the present state but in the form of smoke which is created during the burning process. The elementary ingredients of cigarette are as follows:

  • Filing – rolled fiber shredded tobacco. Except tobacco in the filling can be found other plant material: reconstituated tobacco, expanded tobacco and different additives.
  • Cigarette paper – special fine paper of certain characteristic that wraps the filling fibers.
  • Filter – the addition to cigarette whose the task to remove the part of the damaging material from the smoke. Like a stick having the same diameter like filling. Besides that the filter separates tobacco from the smoker mouth and creates the nice taste on the lips.
  • Filter wrapping – made of elastic and porous paper that wraps material or parts of material of filter and shapes this.
  • Cork – made of fine paper of certain porosity joining stick and filter, and can have special designed shape with some identification of cigarette brand.

Type and quantity of tobacco in the cigarette blend

More blends of different classes, types and origin are used or one tobacco type with more classes, different origin for blend cigarettes ( American blend ). This is case of Virginia cigarettes ( British style ) produced only with FC tobacco, cigarettes black ( French style ) only made of AC tobacco for the oriental cigarettes ( Orient style ) produced only with SC tobacco.