Tobacco ( Nicotiana tabacum ) belongs to Nicotiana, family Solanace. Up to 70 plants of the gender Nicotiana is discovered and described till now. A lot of these plants are originals from South and North America, and little number is from Australia.

Till the America discovery in 1492. the Europeans didn’t know tobacco that was the unknown plant. The first man that brought tobacco in Europe, was Columbo who, beside other gifts, received that were by local natives, obtained also the tobacco dried leaves. As tobacco of that time in large quantity causes hallucination, Indian wizards used this during tribal rituals as well as for traditional medicine.

Not so long after the tobacco discovery it became the primary product of colonial North America. AS the local Indians were fast deracinated, the tobacco growing was the main reason of African slaves coming in America. Tobacco was brought in Europe by Spains and Portoguals in 1518. The biggest merits for its widening in Europe were acquired by one French diplomat in Portugal Palace. Whose the name is Jean Nicot, whose origin taken by the main ingredient of tobacco – Nicotin, namely in Latin language, Nicotiana Tobacum.

100 years later tobacco was grown in 1952. At the beginning tobacco wasn’t used for smoking but like the decoration plant and in medicine. People believed that tobacco diminishes the pains of rheumatism, toothache, headache and eye problems.

Use of snuff tobacco was the transitional shape between tobacco like medicament and the enjoying means. The first enjoying means was cigars, then the pipe tobacco was consumed and finally the cigarettes in the paper wrapping in ( 1739 ).

Shortly after the beginning of the tobacco use like the enjoying means, the disputes on its pity began. The first dispute notified written on tobacco harm was in 1604. in England. The medicine of that time succeeded to convince the King that tobacco was harmful for the eye sense and scent, that tobacco was detrimental and destroy the brains and the lungs and the man can get black by consuming tobacco. Since that moment in England the new rules and directives were given and according to team the tariff bigger was introduced for every kilogram of tobacco imported in England.

One of French King, originated from dynasty Lois the death punishment was introduced, however even that didn’t succeed to smoking in France.

Concerning our climates, the Turkish men brought tobacco on Balkan peninsula at the beginning of XVII century Factory production of tobacco in Serbia began an the second half of XIX century.