Responsibility towards consumers and society

Our responsibility and obligation to inform all consumers of our products on their quality and detriment. We respect all Laws and Rules regarding the producer obligation to underline the appropriate warning on all product. According to this fact our products wear the clear healthy warnings about the cigarettes influence to your health and health of your environment.

Besides that we continue to improve the production process in order to become completely secure to the environment.

The responsible relation under taken with the local and wider social community is the main character of our activities and the part of our corporative culture of our Company. We endeavor permanently to recognize the community needs and meeting their satisfaction to contribute to the better condition of life and work.

One of the concrete data is the fact in the factory Monus 120 workers are employed and we engage about 200 house holds for serviced growing of tobacco used for our production needs. Besides that we do our best to make economic assurance and permanent education and personal aims.

Message to smokers

Smoking cases addiction and the giving up process is often very difficult and long. The tobacco smoke ingredients could provoke many diseases like lungs cancer and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases having the fatal end.

Many researches and studies of foreign and home healthy organizations inform that the sick man of some illness is bigger harm concerning the smokers than non smokers and for that reason the development of the program improvement regarding giving up the smoking is successful sometimes.