Monus society and circles well known bring new optimism and positive energy experience.

Blend of the best kinds of tobacco introduces us to the enchanted circle where everybody can choose his circle living own fascination .

In the family Monus we distinguish specially five extensions slim cigarettes and among them there are the ones with the apple and grapes taste – the first home aroma cigarettes.

Monus slims cigarettes are the most selling at the market of Serbia.

Brend Monus:
  • Monus Slims Gray
  • Monus Slims Blue
  • Monus Slims Red
  • Monus Slims Grapes
  • Monus Slims Apple
  • Monus KS Gray
  • Monus KS Blue
  • Monus KS Red
  • Monus 100 's Gray
  • Monus 100 's Blue
  • Monus 100 's Red.